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Pequenas Navegações - Tiny Navigations

Tiny Navigations – Love Letters
Visual poetry and graphonoptics, book and vídeos.

From Paola Rettore’s argument on tiny navigations, movements, or sea currents, Rivers, internal and external lakes to the body, wander movements, to chance. This Project had its start with Love letters, written and thrown to the Caribbean Sea in 2004 by the poets Frank Baez and Paola Rettore and it gained its flesh in collage books of poems, diverse texts and images, composed by Paola Rettore. It poured into a visual poetry book and a DVD of graphonoptics (composition of texts, images, drawings and sound) by the artist Marcelo Kraiser.
The first edition of this work, Tiny Navigations –Love Letters, has 600 copies including a limited edition of 100 signed pieces of boxes and objects, book and DVD, sponsored by OI through the fiscal incentive of Minas Gerais state secretary of culture.
The dancers Dudude Herrmann and Izabel Stewart (Brazil), Josie Cáceres (Equador) and the poets Vera Casa Nova (Brazil), Fernando Aguiar (Portugal) and Frank Baez (Dominican Republic) participate in the Project as special guests.
Commenting on Tiny Navigations, the poet Alckmar Santos says:
In the opening paragraph of Lady Chatterley’s lover, Lawrence talks about an epoch of ruins, a tragic time, He used to say. Since then the ruins did not lessened, they had only been increased, and came into accelerated... circulation. An absolute decay of human race? Well, the fragments and shits of our era do not indicate, necessarily, any apocalypse, being it general or private. Far from that! We must in surge the surprising logic, intuitive, fortuitous, of castaway bottles. We must imagine! And then, each fragment or refuse becomes a part of a possible message. None of a pre-established thing, already decided, firmed by something or someone outside of humanity, but a message that we must invent, we ourselves, from the unstableness of our pieces. Messages of castaways! ... To us, then, the choir of inventing and projecting long ways, departing from narrow senses that come to us. As message pieces, left in the ocean in bottles by innumerous castaways, but that we try to link through our imagination. It is the moment to reinvent the great narratives. This work by Paola Rettore is a way of doing so. Full of beauty! ”


Art Director and Sinopsis: Paola Rettore
Graphonoptics Director: Marcelo Kraiser

Guest Artists:
Dance and improvisation: Dudude Herrmann and Izabel Stewart
Poets: Frank Baez, Fernando Aguiar, Vera Casa Nova.
Narration by Josie Cáceres.
Designer: Lais Freire.
Production: De Pernas Pro Ar.
Assistent Production: Claudia Rossi.
Binding: Frente e Verso.
Copies of the first edition: Estúdio Contorno Áudio e Vídeo.
Printing: Rona Editora.

ISBN: 978-85908778-0-6
Translation: Luciana Blandon

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